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Apr/03/2017 at 5:56

Welcome to StrongBux.
Dear StrongBux members,As you see, StrongBux is pre-launch now, after preparing 6 months for idea and 3 months for bulding site.
Strongbux is real business model that diferrent from ponzi models in other ptc sites. We have a business plan with the money that the member invested, profits will be returned to you long-time.
What is our business model?
We use the money of our members to invest in some real business, mainly for investing in stocks, running facebook ads, mining coins.
- 10% is used to pay members daily
- 35% is used to invest in stocks
- 30% is used to run facebook ads
-20% is used to mine crypto coins
- 2% is used to pay dividends to shareholders
- 3% is used to promote StrongBux
We want to be a long-term investment destination for all members, we are planning to develop more and more about the game next year if favorable.
Which payment gateways will be used?
We accept Bitcoin, Perfect Money, BTC-E. In the future, maybe we will add AdvCash and Netteller
We do not use paypal, to avoid the risk that it may affect to site
All of it is pay instant, except BTC-E
How long will you run pre-launch before launching?
Expected 1-2 week for upgrade more functions
Who should join Strongbux?
- Advertisers: You can advertise at Strongbux with very cheap prices and earn more hits from real members.
It will help your website more visitors. We guarantee that we will not have virtual members, because our member filtering system is very good
- Members :
All members can earn from our website by clicking ads, offer, click grid, maybe from the game in the future.
We wish you success from StrongBux!!
Kind regards,
StrongBux Team.



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Sep/06/2017 at 2:51

Congrats !!! <3



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Sep/06/2017 at 3:17

Great Admin


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