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Oct/09/2018 at 2:07

For farming, the method of drinking water for laying hens is quite important.

1, cleverly fed pumpkins. Feeding hens with pumpkin as an auxiliary material can significantly increase the egg production, and the eggs are large, the hatching rate is high, and the hens are stopped.

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Feeding method: Cooked. Cut the pumpkin, boil it, and mix it with the appropriate amount of dip.

Raw feeding: Cut the raw pumpkin into 0.5-1 cm square pieces. When the chicken eats other coarse ingredients for 7-8%, put the raw pumpkin square pieces into the chicken feeding trough and let them feed.

Broiler Chicken Cage System for Farm

2. Feed fresh honey. Each hen is fed with 1 gram of fresh honey every day during the moulting period, and the egg production rate can be increased by about 10% after the egg is restored.

3. Drink tea. Feeding tea to hens often can prevent anemia and increase egg production. The tea for the chicken should be brewed with boiling water. The container of the tea is preferably sealed.

Adopting a scientific feeding method will enable the laying hens to resist growth and ensure the high efficiency and high value of the laying hens.


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